Something my Dad told me
20th May 2011Posted in: Blog 0
Something my Dad told me

After my dad died, the founder and Patriarch of Charley’s Concrete, our foundation, our rock, our leader, our mentor, and my best friend on earth for life, went home in December of 2010. You knew him as Charley, my mom called him Charles Ray, and I called him dad.

Six months before he left to spend time with his best friend, Jesus, he gave me some direct orders for our company. “Brent, I don’t want to sell this company, I want you to grow it.” My desire is to honor his request and do exactly like he had visioned. We have the best employees in the business in my opinion, although, I am very prejudice in saying that. I am sure many companies can say the same words, but Charley’s Concrete is moving in a direction to make Charley proud. He trusted and apparently God knew he could go home and what he left behind for a legacy to follow would continue. Our desire is to be known as a company that will be “Tomorrow’s Concrete of Choice”. We are resolved in becoming your choice when you have the option to choose.

Charley’s reputation of his concrete was that of a mix that had cement in it. He always told me he wasn’t in the business of selling chemicals to enhance the concrete, but in putting more cement so that he could sleep well at night. We still today follow this pattern and we want you to know that if your pouring 5 yards or 50,000 yards, we will take care of you.

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